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Do You Pay Taxes? Is for You

June 3, 2009

FALLS CHURCH, VA — “Major tax increases are in America’s future” to address surging budget deficits, and the only questions are whether they will come before or after the 2012 presidential elections and whether Obama or a Republican successor will enact them, Martin Sullivan writes today at the new website
Along with hard-hitting blogs by Sullivan and other tax experts, provides recent news about tax policy in Washington and the states, tax advice for average Americans, and even tax forms from the IRS. is for you – whether you’re a CPA, a small business owner, a homemaker, or a student. For a tax professional, it brings you relevant and provocative opinions on today’s tax issues and provides a forum to discuss the practical impact of tax policy decisions. For the citizen taxpayer, it offers useful information on the tax implications of life events and on how to minimize your tax burden – all in a way that keeps you entertained as well as educated.

Do you want to know what taxes Congress may raise to finance health care reform? Are you interested in the taxes that states are raising to balance their budgets? Do you want a peak at the tax returns of recent Presidents, including Barack Obama? If there’s a conversation taking place on the latest developments in tax policy, you’ll find it on is part of Tax Analysts, the global provider of tax news and analysis for the last 40 years. Tax Analysts publishes Tax Notes, Tax Notes Today, State Tax Notes, State Tax Today, Tax Notes International, and Worldwide Tax Daily, and it offers research products for tax professionals.

Along with Sullivan, a leading economist and contributing editor for Tax Analysts, bloggers include Joseph Thorndike, a noted tax historian and another contributing editor, as well as the organization’s president and publisher, Chris Bergin.

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