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State Tax Notes Announces "Interpretation Matters," a Monthly Column by Steve R. Johnson

September 22, 2008

FALLS CHURCH, VA – Steve R. Johnson, associate dean at the University of Nevada’s William S. Boyd School of Law, will write “Interpretation Matters,” a monthly column for State Tax Notes on interpretive approaches to laws, constitutions and regulations that govern state taxes.

“Interpretation Matters” is the second monthly column that State Tax Notes, a weekly magazine that covers state taxes, has created in recent weeks. In early September, the magazine announced “A Pinch of SALT,” a monthly column on state and local taxes that’s produced by the 17-member State and Local Tax (SALT) Practice of the Sutherland law firm.


State Tax Notes is a weekly magazine published by Tax Analysts, the non-profit provider of tax news and analysis at the state, federal and international levels. (For more on Tax Analysts, see below.)

To read the inaugural issue of “Interpretation Matters,” go to the Tax Analysts’ Web home page.