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State Tax Notes Announces "A Pinch of SALT" — Monthly Column by the Sutherland Law Firm

September 2, 2008

FALLS CHURCH, VA — “The state tax area continues to evolve at a staggering pace,” Jeffrey A. Friedman, Michele Borens, and Charles C. Kearns write in the inaugural issue of “A Pinch of SALT,” the new monthly column that the Sutherland law firm will write for State Tax Notes.

“States are more frequently revamping their tax systems” for reasons that include “budget shortfalls, inefficient or outdated tax systems, the desire to create incentives to attract or appease segments of the business community, and the elimination of tax loopholes,” the authors write in this week’s issue.


State Tax Notes is a weekly magazine published by Tax Analysts, the non-profit provider of tax news and analysis at the state, federal and international levels. (For more on Tax Analysts, see below.)

“Tax Analysts contributes to the communities that it serves by providing forums for debate,” Christopher Bergin, Tax Analysts’ president and publisher, said in reference to the new column. “We believe that vigorous and informed discussion produces better tax policy. This column will contribute significantly to the ongoing debate on state taxation."

Friedman, Borens and Kearns are members of Sutherland’s State and Local Tax (SALT) Practice, consisting of 17 full-time attorneys who focus on planning and controversy associated with income, franchise, sales/use, unclaimed property, and property tax matters.

The practice also monitors and comments on state tax legislative and policy efforts. The attorneys who serve in it will share the duties of producing Sutherland’s monthly column for State Tax Notes.

To read the inaugural issue of “A Pinch of SALT," go to the Tax Analysts’ home page.