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State Tax Notes Announces "Practice Notes," a New Column to Help Practitioners With State Tax Issues

January 25, 2010

FALLS CHURCH, VA — Despite budget problems that may grow worse this year, states and localities continue to offer tax credits and other incentives for businesses to relocate within their borders and create jobs, according to the inaugural issue of “Practice Notes,” a new column that appears in this week’s State Tax Notes.

That’s because, while states and localities need every dollar they can find to balance their budgets, they also need to encourage investment and job creation during these tough economic times, writes Cara Griffith, author of “Practice Notes,” a former manager at PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP, and a former legal editor for State Tax Notes.


In offering these tax breaks, however, states want to make sure they get their money’s worth, Griffith writes. Consequently, some states are more inclined to enforce clawback provisions, under which they can rescind the tax breaks if businesses do not fulfill their promises.

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Read the inaugural issue of Practice Notes.