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Tax Analysts Announces Its FATCA Expert

February 11, 2013

New Online Tool Reduces Complexity and Delivers Comprehensive Updates


FALLS CHURCH, Va. – Tax Analysts, the nonprofit provider of federal, state, and international tax news and analysis, today announced the launch of its new FATCA Expert, a Web service that delivers up-to-date information on the Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (FATCA).

Tax Analysts’ FATCA Expert provides useful tools and news updates, as well as access to full documents and official announcements from the Internal Revenue Service. It allows users to browse U.S. legislation and guidance, FATCA partner legislation and guidance, model intergovernmental agreements (IGAs), and FATCA-related forms. Additional features include:


    • Status of IGAs: Highlights the status of all the current and completed IGAs and enables access to signed agreements, searchable by jurisdiction.
    • Comment letters: Includes all full-text letters submitted to the U.S. government and FATCA partner governments.
    • News and commentary: Explores recent updates and FATCA analyses found in Tax Analysts publications.
    • Press releases: A compilation of news releases from around the world highlighting FATCA developments.

“FATCA adds an entirely new layer of complexity to the lives of taxpayers around the globe; its influence is transformational,” said Robert Goulder, editor in chief of Tax Analysts’ international publications. “Tax Analysts' FATCA Expert is a powerful online tool that enables tax professionals to stay ahead of these changes and spot issues before they become problems.”

Enacted in 2010 by Congress and scheduled to take effect in 2014, FATCA requires foreign financial institutions to report to the IRS information about U.S. taxpayers’ financial accounts, or accounts held by foreign entities in which U.S. taxpayers hold a substantial ownership interest. Tax Analysts’ FATCA Expert provides comprehensive news and analysis on all things FATCA and is designed to improve the reader’s experience and increase financial professionals’ knowledge of regulations.

Tax Analysts’ FATCA Expert is available as part of Tax Analysts’ Worldwide Tax Daily and Tax Notes Today publications. You can read more about the publications here.

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