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Tax Analysts Confirms Its Commitment To Providing Award-Winning Tax Notes Content Globally

January 23, 2018

Tax Analysts, the nonprofit, nonpartisan publisher of Tax Notes, confirmed today its commitment to providing its award-winning content to tax professionals through its own platform and further enhancing the digital experience for its subscribers.

The licensing agreement to provide Tax Notes content on the LexisNexis platform ended on December 31, 2017. During 2018, LexisNexis customers that were receiving Tax Notes publications as part of their LexisNexis subscription will lose access to that content. The date individual customers lose access will depend on when in 2018 their LexisNexis contract expires. Customers should immediately contact Elias Monterroso, sales account executive, at 703.533.4473 or to continue receiving tax news and analysis from publications such as Tax Notes, Tax Notes Today, State Tax Notes, State Tax Today, Tax Notes International, and Worldwide Tax Daily.

Some of the advantages for subscribers using the Tax Notes platform directly include receiving the latest news updates, with no delivery delay, and an ability to set preferences for emails and a reading queue.  Direct subscribers also have access to a research database of federal primary law and a comprehensive collection of tax-related treaties.

As part of the focus on further developing and expanding its own platform, Tax Analysts will be adding new products and enhancing its website – – and social media channels throughout 2018. 

“The new Tax Cuts and Jobs Act will have a profound global impact for years to come. The tax community will need in-depth news and analysis for interpreting and making decisions based on the new tax law, and Tax Notes will continue to be that source,” said Cara Griffith, CEO and president of Tax Analysts.

“We’re excited to bring an improved digital experience to our subscribers in 2018. We are committed to making it easier for them to have the critical tax news, analysis, and commentary that is vital to their needs, and provided by our unparalleled experts, to guide them as the ramifications of the new tax law unfold.”

For more information, please contact Anthony Hebron at 703-531-4834.