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Tax Analysts Unveils New Tax Reform Resource for the Public and Media

March 24, 2017

As Americans prepare for what could be the most significant debate in decades about revising America's tax system, Tax Analysts has unveiled a much-needed new resource that explains, tracks, and aids discussion on tax reform.

Tax Analysts, the only independent, nonpartisan multimedia organization dedicated to fostering an open and informed debate on taxation, is providing an archive of the key documents, answers to frequently asked questions, and in-depth analysis and thought-provoking commentary from leading tax experts – all in one site easily accessible to the public, media, and practitioners.

During every election cycle, Tax Analysts' Tax History Project has served as an invaluable resource for the public and media interested in information about the presidential candidates and their tax returns. Now, will also serve the public as the consummate source on all things tax reform – fulfilling the organization's long-standing commitment to broad discussion of tax administration and policy issues to help foster tax systems that are simple, equitable, and efficient.

The new tax reform site is an informational resource for journalists and all taxpayers. Visitors will find both a backgrounder and frequently asked questions helpful to learning about the history of tax reform and definitions of current terms. For government documents and more technical analysis, the archive hosts an extensive list of links to white papers and research publications from academics, government agencies, and firms.

The site also features Tax Analysts' blogs and Tax Notes articles, as well as information from the key government officials and practitioners involved in the reform debate. Finally, visitors can listen to the increasingly popular weekly Facebook Live discussions on tax reform topics with various subject matter experts. It also will serve as a major directory of relevant conferences and webinars.