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Are They High?

Posted on Sep 24, 2012

It’s a cliché, I know. But a lot of people in Colorado think that legalizing marijuana and taxing it will solve the state’s fiscal problems. Voters, in Colorado, Washington, and Oregon, will decide in November whether to legalize pot. It is not clear that the measures will pass. After all, a similar measure in California -- where people smoke joints the size of paper towel rolls, failed. Still, I hope they pass. We need more happy people in the world. And the drug war, fought courageously against hippies, hipsters, and glaucoma patients has failed miserably. President Obama who admits to toking up on more than one occasion appears to have no problem with the government putting tens of thousands of people in jail for doing just that. Legalize pot, stop the expensive and ineffective war on drugs, and let people get high if they want. I have seen plenty of mean drunks but no mean potheads. But, back to the cliché. Are they high? I think you would have to be smoking something to think legalizing pot will have any significant impact on state finances.

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