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Great Opportunity for Tax and Public Finance Students

Posted on Feb 25, 2014
If you teach tax law, accounting, or public finance, Tax Analysts is offering a great opportunity for your students. We are conducting our first student writing competition. You should encourage students who have written quality papers to submit them to by May 31. The winning papers will be published this summer in Tax Notes, State Tax Notes, and Tax Notes International. The papers must focus on an unsettled issue in tax law or policy. They must not have been published elsewhere. A cover letter containing a brief bio and abstract should be submitted with the paper. Our editorial staff will select the winning entries based on content, originality, and writing quality.

If you are teaching this semester (or know of good papers written last semester), I encourage you to encourage your students to enter the competition. Publishing in our magazines provides many benefits for a student. It shows that the student has the potential to be a thought leader in the field of tax and public finance. And it also looks good on a resume. Over the years, we have published some very good papers from students. Many of those students went on to successful careers in government, law and accounting, and academia. We are hoping to receive many submissions on a wide variety of tax topics. As you know, Tax Analysts is committed to open debate on tax policy and practice issues. Students often write about new topics or provide a novel approach to old ones. Tax Analysts would like to encourage bold and innovative thinking in the tax world. We believe that the publication of diverse views will help lead to a better tax system. Please have your students join in that effort.

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