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Tax History Hits the Airwaves

Posted on May 18, 2010

First a movie, now live radio. Hard on the heels of April's blockbuster release, An Inconvenient Tax, we now have a radio program devoted to tax history. On Thursday, public radio's Backstory will tape a live show covering the whole shebang -- from Tea Party (1773) to Tea Party (2010). For anyone living in Richmond, Virginia, this is a rare opportunity to watch real historians talking real history. No musty old library carrels for these guys (all of whom are pretty much rock stars in the history world). No siree -- they will ply their trade in public, taking questions from the floor.

Backstory is hosted by Brian Balogh and Peter Onuf of the University of Virginia and Ed Ayers of the University of Richmond. Together, they promise to "explore taxation’s turbulent history and discuss Americans’ attitudes toward the Tax Man." Sounds like fun to me, but then I'm that rarest of creatures among professional historians: a pure play tax geek.

If you can't make it to Richmond (details here), you can still catch the podcast once it appears on their website (or in iTunes). You can even listen the old fashioned way: on your local public radio station.

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