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Posted on Mar 13, 2013

I decided to share some of my favorite tax resources on the web.

The Minnesota Taxpayer’s Association has changed its name (after 87 years!) to the Minnesota Center for Fiscal Excellence. The MTA under the direction of Mark Haveman has been one of the most influential organizations in state and local public finance. It has a reputation for doing honest, unbiased research and its commitment to sound tax policy is unrivaled. Indeed, I would encourage readers to review its guide to good tax policy. In any event, no matter the name, you can learn a lot about state and local tax policy from the center.

I also understand that the Lincoln Institute of Land Policy's property tax page has been updated to provide even more information. Lincoln is also one of the most influential organizations when it comes to state and local public finance. It publishes the Significant Features of the Property Tax which is the "go to" place for comprehensive property tax data in every state.

As usual, folks should be perusing the Tax Foundation website. The foundation has been doing incredible work of late providing excellent testimony on the awful corporate income tax and the even more awful "soda tax".

My liberal friends hate when I even mention the American Legislative Exchange Council, but I would recommend a new paper called "Tax Myths Debunked." You may or may not agree with the conclusions. But they certainly are thought provoking.

Finally, you should be checking out the Institute on Taxation and Economic Policy (ITEP) website. I have praised ITEP for its excellent studies on distributional inequities. But ITEP does a lot more fighting the good fight for a more progressive tax system. Again, you may not agree with them, but their work is both good and provocative.

If you have some favorite sites that deal with state and local public finance, please share.

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