About Us

Tax Analysts was established to defend the public interest in a policy arena full of private influence.

Initially, the organization pursued its mission through a diverse program of research, lobbying, litigation, and publishing. By the end of its first decade, however, Tax Analysts had become the nation's leading provider of unbiased tax information, with its publication serving as a forum for evenhanded debate of contentious policy issues.

In 1972, Tax Analysts first sued the IRS for public access to private letter rulings and technical advice memoranda - crucial documents that provided legal advice to specific taxpayers and IRS field agents.

Since then, we have used the Freedom of Information Act to force the IRS and state revenue departments to share with the public information about tax assessments and exemptions given in private decisions.

Today, Tax Analysts is the only independent, nonpartisan policy organization dedicated to tax systems through an open, informed, and expert understanding of federal, state, and international tax policy.

Tax Analysts is committed to discovering, disseminating, and debating ideas and information free from ideological agendas and special-interest lobbying.

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