What’s the difference between taxnotes.com which you just rolled out and taxanalysts.org and taxanalysts.com?

Taxnotes.com is a dedicated website only for subscribers of Tax Notes.

Taxanalysts.org, which replaces taxanalysts.com, is available to the general public. The goal is to develop taxanalysts.org into a resource on tax administration and policy matters for journalists and the general public.

What’s the relationship/difference between Tax Analysts and Tax Notes?

Tax Analysts is a nonpartisan, nonprofit, multimedia organization that fosters discussion and openness on issues related to tax administration and policy through in-depth analysis and commentary. Tax Analysts publishes the following publications: Tax Notes Today, State Tax Today, Worldwide Tax Daily, and Exempt Organizations (daily publications); Tax Notes, State Tax Notes, and Tax Notes International (weekly magazines); and other monthly publications, modules, and databases.  

What is Tax Analysts?

Tax Analysts is the only independent, nonpartisan policy organization dedicated to tax systems through an open, informed, and expert understanding of federal, state, and international tax policy.

Tax Analysts is committed to discovering, disseminating, and debating ideas and information on an objective and nonpartisan basis.

What’s Tax Notes?

Tax Notes is a collection of publications by Tax Analysts, a non-profit, nonpartisan multimedia organization. Tax Notes’ news publications provide comprehensive but impartial coverage of tax news, while Tax Notes’ commentary publications contribute spirited and personable voices to the conversation and debate around the understanding and application of tax policy.

Who writes for Tax Notes?

Tax Analysts has a cadre of the world’s leading editors and subject matters authorities on tax administration and policyon tax court matters, and legislative actions. Many of the contributing editors of Tax Analysts are the nation’s most widely read and respected tax commentators in various topical areas.

Who do I contact about submissions and/or how/where do I submit articles?

For more information, please follow this link on the acqusitions page: http://www.taxnotes.com/acquisitions.

Who do I contact about my subscription to Tax Notes and that website?

For more information on Tax Notes subscriptions, please visit taxnotes.com/services.  To contact a representative, please call 1-800-955-3444 Monday through Friday 8:30am – 5:30pm (ET), visit our support page at taxnotes.com/support, or request information here.