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Tax Analysts Announces EO Tax Today

February 9, 2009

Online Journal Provides News On Tax-Exempt Organizations, Access to Official Documents, and Other Key Features

FALLS CHURCH, VA — Tax Analysts, the nonprofit provider of federal, state and international tax news and analysis, is now offering subscribers an online journal that’s updated each day with news affecting tax-exempt organizations as well as a rich array of official documents and other features.

The online journal, EO Tax Today, provides news highlights that affect federal, state, and international nonprofits. At home and abroad, in Washington and in the states, EO Tax Today provides the latest, most comprehensive news available about nonprofits from the executive and legislative branches of government, within the tax policy agencies, and in the courts. It is the only online product that focuses on news affecting tax-exempt organizations and that is updated each day.

This new journal reflects Tax Analysts’ longstanding leadership in the field of tax-exempt organizations. For nearly 20 years, Tax Analysts has produced The Exempt Organization Tax Review (EOTR), a monthly journal that is edited by veteran journalist Fred Stokeld.

Indeed, EO Tax Today gives subscribers all of the news, commentary, and documents that are now published every month in EOTR, but updated as it happens.

EO Tax Today subscribers will also receive:

  • A weekly e-mail recapping the previous week’s developments;
  • Archives of American Bar Association transcripts and commentary from EOTR;
  • Accounting news affecting EO practice; and
  • A database of searchable full text documents, including:
    • All EO guidance from the IRS and Treasury,
    • Best practices guidelines from leaders in the EO community;
    • All EO-related court opinions, petitions, and briefs, and
    • The Washington Roundup (full text documents from service organizations and interest groups).

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