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IRS: Women At Work

Posted on Jan 14, 2013

"“It’s embarrassing as hell. " That's what senior House Democratic tax-writer Charlie Rangel said last week about President Obama's white-male dominated second term cabinet. Perhaps Mr. Rangel can take some solace in the fact that the agency that adminsters the laws he has been so instrumental in writing has larger percentages of women and African-Americans than the rest of the federal government and the rest of the US labor force generally.

According to the latest IRS Data Book 60,623 of the agency's 104,402 employees in 2011 were women. That 66 percent is far more than the 44-percent figure for government's total civilian labor force and the 47-percent figure for the overall US civilian workforce. African Americans not of Hispanic origin comprised 24 percent of the IRS workforce compared to 17 percent for the overall federal government and 11 percent for the US civilian workforce.

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